Yuantong Temple
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Yuantong Temple

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It was first built in the late 8th and early 9th century, the time of the Nanzhao Kingdom in the Tang Dynasty. After two major restorations and expansion in the Chenghua period (1465-1487) of the Ming Dynasty and the 24th year of Emperor Kangxi's rule (1686) of the Qing Dynasty, the temple took on its present design, with covered corridors, bridges and grand halls.

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Panorama's in de omgeving van Yunnan


A: kunmig yuantongshan-唐继尧墓

door kmnet, 470 hier vandaan

kunmig yuantongshan-唐继尧墓

B: Dsc02205 Panorama

door kmnet, 620 hier vandaan

Dsc02205 Panorama

C: cuihu Park(翠湖公园唐堤)

door kmnet, 720 hier vandaan

cuihu Park(翠湖公园唐堤)

D: Jiulong Chi

door DaShan, 740 hier vandaan

Jiulong Chi

E: Yunnan University 3

door kmnet, 810 hier vandaan

Yunnan University 3

F: Flood beijing Rd Kunming

door kmnet, 870 hier vandaan

Flood beijing Rd Kunming

G: Flood beijing Rd Kunming2

door kmnet, 900 hier vandaan

Flood beijing Rd Kunming2

H: HaiXinTing

door DaShan, 970 hier vandaan


I: ck-bar-wenlin-street2

door kmnet, 1.1 hier vandaan


J: CK Bar Wenlin Street

door kmnet, 1.1 hier vandaan

CK Bar Wenlin Street

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Yunnan Province in southwest China border, the provincial capital Kunming. Warring States period, this is the Dian tribe fowl. Yunnan, namely, "Caiyunzhinan"and the other argument is that because in the "Yunling of the South " is named. The total area of about 39 million square kilometers, accounting for 4.11% of total land area, the provincial administrative regions in the country ranked No. 8 in the area. The total population of 45,130,000 (2008), accounting for 3.36% of the population, the population ranked 13th. And Yunnan provinces adjacent to Sichuan, Guizhou, Guangxi, Tibet, Yunnan Province, three neighboring countries of Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam. Tropic of Cancer crosses from the southern province.

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