Michel du Chesne


Gambia, Africa
About Michel


1989 –  1991      LMU Munich, Germany.
        Course being pursued: Master of Arts

1987– 1989    Vocational Training as Photographer

1985 – 1987        Vocational Training in Catering,
                                     Interhotel “Am Ring”

1982 – 1985                Vocational Training in Motorbike works,
                                     HTC engineering mechanics for working tools

1972– 1982                 Polytechnische Oberschule (Highschool for                  polytechnic),Level attained: Grade 10 (graduating level)

 Working Experience

2001                Establishment of a marketing agency for hotels and tourism marketing in Europe

2000/-05             Taking-over of a Gallery for Arts in Leipzig, Germany,  “The ARTCO”, voted as member of the board of artists of the “ Bund Bildender Künstler zu Leipzig” (Federation ofcreative Artists of Leipzig), participating in board decisions until 2003, acquiring very first experience with an owned gallery and subordinated artists.

1997                6- months stay in Grand Canaria (Westcoast; Africa), taking up a post in an advertising agency called “Sterntaler”, with an offer of take-over, nevertheless, rejected.

1996                6 months occupation as marketing manager at “ 3Box”for unified messaging in Munich

1994             First own grand marketing project, that is, opening of a shopping center for computer as well as school equipments and toys by the name of “Trutz Toys”.

1992                Starting as a movie cameraman in Munich as well as iilluminator for Bavarian film studios.

1989                Graduating from a vocational training as photographer upon which official photographing started.

1986                Receiving for the first time a camera from the mother, who was a master of photographing, and subsequently starting as a beginner in photographing ever since.