Jatinder Singh

New Delhi, India, Asia
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About Jatinder

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My interest in panoramic photography developed about 4 years ago when I purchased my new Canon 7D. Photography in general has always been a passion since my young age & I have traveled alot within India when I was studing and use to click with my old Nikon FILM DSLR.

Suddenly after my studies there was a huge gap of about 10 years or more when I was actually unable to spare time for my passion (photography).

After purchasing my new DSLR in March 2011, I made a point that gradually, I will make photography my profession so to serve my clients in hospitality & real estate industry I started exploring panoramic photography. I studied day & night on techniques / equipment that are required to professional panoramas and started investing in lenses, pano heads & other accessories. I loved this interesting wide angle panoramic photography & have done couple of partial & full 360° spherical panoramas for tourism, hotels & industrial locations.

I use to say to my collegues that if a picture can say million words, what will a Panoramic images say.

I am now a professional photographer shooting Interiors, Architecture & Industrial panoramic photography since 2011. I am happy that my passion is now turned to my profession which allows me to travel & enjoy my work simultaniously. I wish to add beautiful locations to my panorama list.

Fashion photography, Advertising photography, Product photography, Lifestyle Photography, Interior Photography are some other forms of photography that I expertise in and work a lot.