Teake van Popta

, Netherlands, Europe
About Teake

Hi all,

Been interested in VR photography for some time, and since the new year of 2009 equipped to go for it myself.

Creating/Editing multimedia has been a hobby for many years, and VR photography seems to be a great thing to do. My original interest in phorography was born out of my greatest interest: Aviation. Taking pictures of aircraft, and gradually pointing the lens to other scenes.

The equipment used is a Vanguard Milennium 5 tripod and the Nodal Ninja 3 mkII VR tripod head with rotator and additional T-adapter. Camera is the Panasonic LX3 with additional WA conversion lens, providing 18mm wideangle (35mm equivalent)

since 2011 I'm using a Pentax K-5 with Pentax 10-17 fish-eye zoom.