Timothy Oldfield ~ Washington State 360

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USA, North America
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About Timothy

Timothy Oldfield is the lead virtual tour photographer (the ONLY photographer) with Washington State 360.  ;)

The Washington State 360 Project is assisting with the "warm introduction" to various location around the state of Washington in these United States of America.  

While building this collection of 360-degree panoramas Tim enjoys keeping them diverse, whether commercial or residential properties, event venues, historic locations, memorials, parks, before-&-after perspectives, during construction, interesting spaces people might suggest, etcetera.  

Although Tim has captured hundreds of locations around his home state, he only began hosting them in earnist with 360cities in 2016 due to their superior features, functional up-time record, benefits and service to photographers and their clients. 

We suggest you download the 360cities APP for various smart-devices to search the "Nearby" tab, especially if visiting within Washington (the state), to view ours and panoramas of other photographers capturing views in the area.  Or search for keywords you imagine your primary interests might contain (like, "hobbit house").  Have fun with their menu of optional views as well.  You'll perhaps enjoy Little Planet View to start with. then click-and-drag the image to distort it in surprising ways.  ;)