Casa Pueblo
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Fotografia panorâmica por Rafael Santiago EXPERT Criado em 10:39, 11/05/2013 - Views loading...


Casa Pueblo

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Casa pueblo es una organizacion comunitaria que promueve la autogestion y la sostentabilidad energetica. Tambien son encargados del bosque del pueblo.

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A: Interior de Casa Pueblo

Por Rafael Santiago, 10 metros de distância

Interior de Casa Pueblo

B: Plaza De Adjuntas

Por Rafael Santiago, 250 metros de distância

Plaza del pueblo del gigante dormido Adjuntas.Esta fotografia la hize el mismo dia que hize el charco...

Plaza De Adjuntas

C: Charco El Ataud

Por Rafael Santiago, 2.1 Km de distância

Second picture of the charco el ataud, attached tothe village near the town of Utuado, Ponce and Jayu...

Charco El Ataud

D: River ataud

Por Rafael Santiago, 2.1 Km de distância

River ataud

E: Lago Garzas

Por Rafael Santiago, 3.3 Km de distância

Lago Garzas

F: Ataud River

Por Rafael Santiago, 4.3 Km de distância

Ataud River

G: rio La Soplaera en Peñuelas #2

Por Rafael Santiago, 7.2 Km de distância

Este é o rio da aldeia localizada Soplaera inthe de Peñuelas. No rio há duas cascatas de água fria. T...

rio La Soplaera en Peñuelas #2

H: Charco Soplaera

Por Rafael Santiago, 7.2 Km de distância

Charco Soplaera


Por Rafael Santiago, 7.3 Km de distância

J: Waterfall in Penuelas.

Por Rafael Santiago, 7.3 Km de distância

Waterfall in Penuelas.

Esta panorâmica foi tirada em, North America

Esta é uma visão geral de North America

North America includes Mexico, the United States, Canada, and Gotham City.

The region temporarily existed as a Protectorate of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Norton I, with its capital being the city of San Francisco. Sadly, this term of benevolent ebullience lasted a brief two decades and ended c. 1880.

The United States is now the dominant country of North America. It arose as a nation only 225 years ago after a successful rebellion against the British government under King George III.

From a distance, it appears that the eastern coastlines of North and South America fit exactly into the west coast of Africa. In fact, about 250 million years ago these continents really were all connected in one land mass that we have named Pangaea.

With such a foundation in tectonic unity, there is no doubt that someday soon the people on every continent of earth will realize their fundamental similarities. Expect massive leaps in creative output in your area!

Text by Steve Smith.

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