Cole River
Narragansett Bay
Copyright: Christopher blake
Type: Spherical
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Uploaded: 06/02/2009
Atualizado: 17/08/2013


Tags: cole river; swansea; ma; winter; ice
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Christopher Blake
Swansea Inlet
Christopher Blake
Braga Bridge from Shipwreck
Christopher Blake
Pirates Treasure Box near Bragga Bridge
Christopher Blake
USS Massachusetts
Christopher Blake
USS Lionfish
Christopher Blake
Narrows Center Stage, Fall River MA
Christopher Blake
Andrew Kusmin - One - Narrows Gallery
Brian Shriver
Christopher Blake
Andrew Kusmin - Three - Narrows Gallery
Christopher Blake
Elin Noble - Narrows Gallery - March 2009
Christopher Blake
Heart & Soul Studio - Narrows Center
Christopher Blake
Trapezoid Studio - Narrows Center
Spa Chaweng Beach Road Samui
Jan Vrsinsky
Dome in Otto's Spring Building
Nothing Gold Can Stay
Jeffrey Martin
King's Cross St. Pancras Station
Calvin Jones
Head of Reds Canyon, San Rafael Swell, Utah
John Roberts
Broken Hill, Torrey Pines SNR, San Diego, California, USA
Renzo Falconi
Santuario - Madonna Della Corona - Spiazzi (VR) -
Stefano Gelli
Basilica di S. Piero a Grado (a bird's eye view)
Marco den Herder
Eindhoven - Prehistoric Village at the 'Eindhoven Museum'
Unkle Kennykoala
Canberra - Floriade 1
Matveev Pavel
Dvoinoe Mine
Echo Lake [1]
Christopher Blake
Newport Townhall
Christopher Blake
Trinity Churchyard
Christopher Blake
Pomham Rocks Lighthouse - over the tower
Christopher Blake
Saint Marys of the Assumption
Christopher Blake
Narragansett Tower 2
Christopher Blake
Mt Hope Pier
Christopher Blake
Stone Bridge from Island Park
Christopher Blake
Trapezoid Studio - Narrows Center
Christopher Blake
Ensign 2
Christopher Blake
Inn Castle Hill
Christopher Blake
Rose Island 2
Christopher Blake
Rough Point
More About Narragansett Bay

Narragansett Bay dominates the geography of the tiny state of Rhode Island, extending 25 miles northwards and inland from the Atlantic Ocean right into the heart of its major cities.  It is fed by the watersheds of 3 major rivers: the Blackstone, the Taunton and the Pawtuxet.  Narragansett Bay defines the region's culture, its history, sense of place and quality of life.  The cities of Providence, Newport, Fall River, Warwick and Newport all owe their start to the bay and the opportunities it provided for water power, commercial growth and transportation.  Once badly polluted, the Narragansett Bay has made a tremendous comeback in the last 3 decades as communities all around the bay have revitalized their connection to the bay and taken steps to curb human impact.  Aerial Vr plans a series of panoramas intended to capture the area's unique natural beauty, both from its surface and from the air as well as the vitality and uniqueness of its communities.