Gulfport Garage, Gulfport, Florida
Gulfport Garage, Gulfport, Florida
Copyright: Michael Coyne
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 7998x3999
Uploaded: 12/02/2013
Atualizado: 20/04/2013


  • Muriel over 1 year ago
    My Dad owned this Garage from 1952 until he died in 1994. He was a top notch mechanic. This is the front of the Garage (there used to be gas pumps where those arches are now). He had a green wooden bench sitting by the front door. After just getting my driver's license in 1966, I stepped on the gas instead of the break (he very quickly turned the key off to stop any further damage) and ran smack into that green bench. I cried and he laughed, said "the ink wasn't even dry on my license!". Seeing this wonderful photo brings back many good memories!
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