in car(DC的轿车内拍摄)
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Fotografia panorâmica por kmnet EXPERT Criado em 18:36, 11/05/2012 - Views loading...


in car(DC的轿车内拍摄)

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拍过全景片的朋友会知道,在车内进行全景拍摄对器材和精度要求比较高,就算有单反、鱼眼和云台都是个折腾,这张片是用SONY的长焦卡片机拍摄的,型号HX30 全手动操作,锁定包括快门、光圈、色温、ISO并进行手动对焦。


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Esta panorâmica foi tirada em Yunnan

Esta é uma visão geral de Yunnan

Yunnan Province in southwest China border, the provincial capital Kunming. Warring States period, this is the Dian tribe fowl. Yunnan, namely, "Caiyunzhinan"and the other argument is that because in the "Yunling of the South " is named. The total area of about 39 million square kilometers, accounting for 4.11% of total land area, the provincial administrative regions in the country ranked No. 8 in the area. The total population of 45,130,000 (2008), accounting for 3.36% of the population, the population ranked 13th. And Yunnan provinces adjacent to Sichuan, Guizhou, Guangxi, Tibet, Yunnan Province, three neighboring countries of Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam. Tropic of Cancer crosses from the southern province.

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