Monument of Pope John XXIII

Copyright: Dimitar torbov
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Atualizado: 12/12/2013


  • Dimitar Torbov over 1 year ago
    Thanx! Now it's fixed.
  • Lev over 1 year ago
    Pope John XXIII (23rd). Not XIII (13th).
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    Dimitar Torbov
    Dimitar Torbov
    Central Sofia Market Hall
    Victor Orlovsky
    Bulgaria. Sofia. Sveta Nedelia Cathedral
    Dimitar Torbov
    In Front of the Central Market Hall
    Thomas Blanket
    Bulgaria, Sofia, Cathedral Church Sveta Nedelya
    Thomas Blanket
    Bulgaria, Sofia, Rotunda Sveti Georgi Pobedonosets
    Dimitar Torbov
    #DANSwithme protest against political mafia in Bulgaria
    Protest in front of Council of Ministers against Delyan Peevski (June 15 2013)
    Dimitar Torbov
    Military parade on the occasion of St. George's Day
    Dimitar Torbov
    Former Communist Party House
    Dimitar Torbov
    Cigarette sellers at the Women's Market
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    50's Truck
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    natural history museum
    Marco den Herder
    BREDA - Redhead Days 2013 (photoshoot 2)
    Michael McCulloch
    Windy Early Morning, Point Vernon.
    Dimitar Torbov
    The Bridge in Burgas
    Dimitar Torbov
    Sofia University Occupation
    Dimitar Torbov
    Pirotska Str.
    Dimitar Torbov
    Top Bair Str. in Oryahovo
    Dimitar Torbov
    Zapaden Park
    Dimitar Torbov
    The Stambolov Bridge
    Dimitar Torbov
    Funfair in Pomorie
    Dimitar Torbov
    Dimitar Torbov
    Saint Joseph Cathedral
    Dimitar Torbov
    3d Anaglyph Correct
    Dimitar Torbov
    Overbuilding of Pomorie
    Dimitar Torbov
    Theological School St.John from Rila
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