Panorama de Marte - Nasa/JPL - Caltech/Cornell
Out of this World

Imagem de divulgação da Nasa/JPL - Caltech/Cornell que mostra as montanhas do planeta Marte feita pela espaçonave Spirit para a missão do Veículo de Exploração de Marte.

Copyright: Rubens Cardia
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 22000x11000
Taken: 26/09/2011
Uploaded: 26/09/2011
Atualizado: 13/05/2014


Tags: mars; landscape; marscape; marte; marspathfinder; panorama; sonda; espacial; martian; out_of_this_world
  • mjazzguitar over 1 year ago
    We should plant some kind of moss or lichen there that will spread quickly and produce oxygen. And edible. In case we get marooned when we get there.
  • righttothept almost 2 years ago
    There is a martian with a dog in this picture of Martian landscape with Rover deck. Zoom to the left of the arrow around the top of the near hill and look around you'll find them
  • Johnny Dangerously almost 2 years ago
    ...are you high? those are the tracks the WHEELS make. on the ground. when it drives. just like a car.
  • Patricia Müller almost 2 years ago
    Can you actually believe anything what comes from the americans? And what do I see? Foot prints on Mars? And the whole brownish colouring is fake, too!
  • Anon almost 2 years ago
    I will not recommend it due to the intrusive advertisement.
  • matheus almost 2 years ago
    is false.have a foot in the soil of marte.
  • Breck almost 2 years ago
    essa merda é = Couter Strike não tem Pé
  • k0t_paskowy almost 2 years ago
    takie będą zdjęcia ziemi z datą wykonania 2098r
  • MANOLO almost 2 years ago
    que soledad ,podemos sentir lo iportante que es la vida
  • luke warmwater almost 2 years ago
    very cool. feels like being there.
  • disqus_XZX2ZqcIxO almost 2 years ago
    where's the sun?
  • Mars2013a almost 2 years ago
    So let us understand. We are excited that we travel to Mars or any place else. Tax payers spend several billion dollars the last 50 years and the best we come up with is a photo of dirt in day light or a photo of dirt at night when we landed on the moon. This is the astonishing best our scientist and gov can try to get us excited on and based on comments here it works. What are we afraid of! Go out their and explore. Go conquer like our ancestors did the last 5000 years. Stop the baby steps, lets do what we do best, lets conquer.... I have seen these same views on spagheti westerns and my way to vegas...
  • Maxsnake666 almost 2 years ago
    Нет слов. Чувствуешь реально себя на Марсе.
  • Carlos Gallegos almost 2 years ago
    Que interesante y buen trabajo!!
  • saqib almost 2 years ago
    why dont they show the video of this
  • bluewren63 almost 2 years ago
    Thanks for this amazing technology!
  • Paul almost 2 years ago
    I think the kitchen/apartment is already a poor case of product placement!
  • Paul almost 2 years ago
    Incredible - Well done NASA/JPL and thanks for this awesome interactive Picture. Thanks and keep up the great work!
  • Jim McCay almost 2 years ago
    WHY does it lead to some apartment? Click on the white arrows, I guarantee that crap ain't on Mars.
  • mojtaba almost 2 years ago
    desert desert desert
  • The Editing Room almost 2 years ago
  • tidy05cat almost 2 years ago
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