Dawulun Gun Emplacement(Barracks)

Dawulun Gun Emplacement is the national class II historic relic. It is a very important military base to safeguard the west side of Keelung Harbor. During the Opium War in 1840 and the Sino-French War in 1884, the court of Ching Dynasty has sent military force to guard this place.

The gun emplacement looks down to Lovers Lake to the west, Dawulun Bay to the north, Keelung and East Sea to the east. Walking up on a pebble footpath full of falling leaves, one will see the original structure of the gun emplacement, chassis, mechanical belt and storage room. Walls were made from stones with arched windows. Since the platform is at the high point facing the ocean, there are lots scenes to view over northeastern cape from platform, such as Keelung Islet, Waimu Shan seashore and Badouzih.

External link : http://tour.klcg.gov.tw/english/b/b01_01.asp?sid=31&id=360

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