Gigapixel from Krumlov Tower
Cesky Krumlov

Here is a handheld panorama shot from the tower at the castle in Cesky Krumlov. (For you geeks, it's made from a few hundred shots from a canon 5d and canon 70-200mm, at 70mm.)

It was a really windy day when this was shot, which might explain the very clear air.

Copyright: Jeffrey Martin
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 65536x32768
Uploaded: 04/06/2009
Actualizat: 14/10/2014


Tags: tower; castle; krumlov; gigapixel; river
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More About Cesky Krumlov

Unrivalled even among UNESCO world heritage sites. This 700 year-old village is still full of alchemy. With a river looping around twice, you can't help but walk around in circles all day in amazement.