karperkuil in hoorn
Copyright: Emile Duijker
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 5997x2998
Uploaded: 21/12/2008
Actualizat: 02/10/2014


Tags: hoorn; the netherlands
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Emile Duijker
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Emile Duijker
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Emile Duijker
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Emile Duijker
Emile Duijker
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Emile Duijker
kleine oost in Hoorn
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Magere brug in amsterdam
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lighthouse schiermonnikoog
More About Hoorn

Hoorn,The first houses in Hoorn where build around the 13th centuryand bought his city rights in the 14th century because it was already becoming an important trade city.The glory period came in the 16th and 17th century when the V.O.C. started one of the six Chambers In Hoorn as a important tradecity in the golden age.Many of the old rich buildings where made In that period.After closure of the zuiderzee Hoorn was no longer a seaport and developed itself to a cultural city for the whole West-Friesland.