The Bay Area
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Jeffrey Martin
Robert Scoble at Where 2.0 Conference 2011
Alexander Ruttgers
Tasman drive, Santa Clara
Igor Chuevskyi
Hynix Office
Neil Parris
The last Orange Tree Orchard in Silicon Valley
Nagur Hassan
Pano 20130317 120304
Littleplanet.nl - Roelof de Vries
Lucky Daisy's Holiday Home - Back room
Sam Simbulan
Mission Santa Clara Altar
Sam Simbulan
Mission Santa Clara at night
Steven dosRemedios
Eureka Zeppelin Airship Interior
Brian Byllesby
Construction LIft in Cupertino
Brian Byllesby
Perspectives Sculpture Cali Mill Plaza Cupertino
Supasit Srisawathsak
Shana thai restaurant 3
John Warkentin
Aurora - Docklands Melbourne, Australia
epoca libera
Les Miserables of Athens
B. Hamann
Im Steinkohlebergwerk Feggendorfer Stolln
Max Balyura
View from Ai-Petri
廣島 宗毅
Zoltan Duray
Prague Astronomical Clock
B. Hamann
Schloss Bückeburg
Roy Zipstein
Cathedral Rock, Sedona
Zoran Trost
Bled Castle
Raghavendra Kopalle
Raw Mango Beach side fun, Vizag, Visakhapatnam, India
he jiye
Qianling mountain Peak wild macaques, Guiyang
John Warkentin
Old Fremantle Power Station: 2nd Level Walk Way, West Hall, Jan 8 2012
Alexander Ruttgers
Industrie Museum Vemork
Alexander Ruttgers
Le Chatelas De Bourdeaux
Alexander Ruttgers
Alexander Ruttgers
Gaustatoppen 2
Alexander Ruttgers
herfst straat
Alexander Ruttgers
Alexander Ruttgers
Hardanger Vidda 3
Alexander Ruttgers
Alexander Ruttgers
Kerk Sibbe Achter
Alexander Ruttgers
Alexander Ruttgers
San Fransisco
Alexander Ruttgers
De soldaat, de duivel en de dood
More About The Bay Area

The Bay Area is renowned for its natural beauty, affluence, diversity, and progressive thinking new age reputation. Lots of ammenities, tours and hotels can be found all around the area.San Francisco is the cultural and financial center of the Bay Area, and has the second highest population density of any major city in North America after New York City. It is also a major tourist destination, and transport and accommodation is plentiful, ranging from luxury hotels to cheap accommodation. San Jose is the largest city in terms of population, land area, and industrial development, and is the center of Silicon Valley, a well-known high technology region. Oakland is a major manufacturing and distribution center, rail terminus/hub, and has the fourth largest container shipping port in the United States.Largely because of San Francisco and Silicon Valley, the Bay Area presently ranks second only to the much larger New York City region in number of Fortune 500 company headquarters (April 2010 Fortune Magazine).  source: wikipedia