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Christmas Market opening 1
The christmas market of Stuttgart is one of the largest in whole Germany
These pictures were made at the opening of the christmas market in the Court of Honour" of the old castle.

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Hans-Dieter Teschner
Christmas Market opening 2
Ruediger Kottmann
Altes Schloss Stuttgart - Innenhof
Ruediger Kottmann
Stuttgart innenhof altes schloss baden wuerttemberg germany
Hans-Dieter Teschner
christmas market 2006 Schillerplatz 4
Hans-Dieter Teschner
Karlsplatz at winter
Hans-Dieter Teschner
Schillerplatz, farmers markt
Hans-Dieter Teschner
chrismas market 2006 Schillerplatz 3
Hans-Dieter Teschner
green covering of a roof on a bus 1
Hans-Dieter Teschner
christmas market 2006 Schillerplatz 2
Hans-Dieter Teschner
christmas market 2006 Schillerplatz
Hans-Dieter Teschner
green covering of a roof on a bus 2
Florian Knorn
Stiftskirche Stuttgart
Hanif Shoaei
Greek Ship in Kish Island
Franck Masschelein
Château de Beynac - at the top of the building of the Spur
bibouroku tabito
Cosmos field of Asahina (Fujieda-City, Shizuoka-Prefecture)
Nico Roig
Inside a washing machine
Konrad Łaszczyński
The potters quarter in Safi, Morocco
Hoylen Sue
Australian World Peace Bell
Kyle Giesbrecht
Edmonton's First Major Snowfall 2012
Uwe Wieteck
Völklinger Hütte - die Gebläsehalle
Arroz Marisco
The Underground Cavern of Llama Chaqui
John Gore
Aerial 360 of Sparkling Waters Hotel and Spa
Heiner Straesser - derPanoramafotograf.com
Liebestal bei Göreme, Kappadokien, Türkei
Fritz Hanke
Hiking up to the Pilatus 4
Hans-Dieter Teschner
Ostfildern, Scharnhauser Park
Hans-Dieter Teschner
Park der Villa Berg #1
Hans-Dieter Teschner
Remstal Klassik #13
Hans-Dieter Teschner
Hans-Dieter Teschner
Landesmesse, Forum at Medienmeeting-Filder, 4
Hans-Dieter Teschner
Goeppingen, Schloss and Stadtkirche
Hans-Dieter Teschner
Hans-Dieter Teschner
Leistungsschau 2009, Leibbrand
Hans-Dieter Teschner
Koenigsbau Passagen
Hans-Dieter Teschner
Marbach, Marktstrasse
Hans-Dieter Teschner
Kulturmeile, Landtag, Oper, Haus der Geschichte 2
Hans-Dieter Teschner
Esslingen backyard at the Webergasse
More About Stuttgart

Stuttgart is the city between forests and vineyards. Stuttgart is domicile of important industrial concerns, venue of large sporting events and has many cultural facilities.