Between Papenoo Bay and Rocky Point
Tahitian Surf Spot
Copyright: Gregory Panayotou
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 9500x4750
Загружена: 04/09/2008
Обновлено: 09/06/2014


Tags: mountain; ocean; sport
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Gregory Panayotou
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More About French Polynesia

Thousands of kilometres from anywhere, French Polynesia is the place to indulge yourself. Tahiti evokes images of tropical fruit dripping from strange trees... of translucent, shimmering aqua lagoons... of sun-drenched, sandy beaches, and psychedelic coral. A visit to Tahiti and her islands is akin to stumbling upon a parallel universe where fantasy is just another form of reality and hedonistic daydreams come to life. French Polynesia has captivated the world's imagination since 19th-century European explorers first set foot upon her steamy shores."