Centennial Flame Parliament Ottawa
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Centennial Flame Parliament Ottawa

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The Centennial Flame is a symbolic flame that forms the central element of a 
fountain, itself located symmetrically in the walkway between the Queen's Gates 
and the Peace Tower on Parliament Hill, in Ottawa, Ontario.

Lit by then Prime Minister of Canada Lester B. Pearson on New Year's Eve 1966, to officially innagurate the Canadian Centennial celebrations, the flame is fed by a natural gas jet that sits under a metal dome depicting the centennial year logo: a stylised maple leaf. The flame, however, is not an eternal one, as it is routinely extinguished during inclement weather or for cleaning, and relit.

The fountain's water runs from beneath the coats of arms for each of the provinces and territories of Canada as they existed in 1966, into a moat surrounded by a wall that lists the year each province and territory joined the Canadian Confederation in Canada.


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Описание для места - Canada

The capital of Canada is Ottawa, in the province of Ontario. There are offically ten provinces and three territories in Canada, which is the second largest country in the world in terms of land area.

While politically and legally an independant nation, the titular head of state for Canada is still Queen Elizabeth.

On the east end of Canada, you have Montreal as the bastion of activity. Montreal is famous for two things, VICE magazine and the Montreal Jazz Festival. One is the bible of hipster life (disposable, of course) and the other is a world-famous event that draws more than two million people every summer. Quebec is a French speaking province that has almost seceded from Canada on several occasions, by the way..

When you think of Canada, you think of . . . snow, right?

But not on the West Coast. In Vancouver, it rains. And you'll find more of the population speaking Mandarin than French (but also Punjabi, Tagalog, Korean, Farsi, German, and much more).

Like the other big cities in Canada, Vancouver is vividly multicultural and Vancouverites are very, very serious about their coffee.

Your standard Vancouverite can be found attired head-to-toe in Lululemon gear, mainlining Cafe Artigiano Americanos (spot the irony for ten points).

But here's a Vancouver secret only the coolest kids know: the best sandwiches in the city aren't found downtown. Actually, they're hidden in Edgemont Village at the foot of Grouse Mountain on the North Shore.

"It's actually worth coming to Canada for these sandwiches alone." -- Michelle Superle, Vancouver

Text by Steve Smith.

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