Crimea, Yalta, theater Chekhov

The capacity of the auditorium - 493 seats; 

 Equipped with a balcony around the perimeter of plasma monitors live. 

 Equipped with modern mechanical equipment lifting and turning mechanisms scenery scenes hydraulic transition mechanisms; 
 Installed a modern sound and lighting equipment of leading world manufacturers; 
 Equipped with professional projection system, equipped with an autonomous boiler room, a centralized system, ventilation and air conditioning, a comfortable, modern make-up room.

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Copyright: Дмитрий Свердлов
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 6000x3000
Загружена: 24/04/2009
Обновлено: 22/06/2012


Tags: crimea; yalta; chekhov theater
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Дмитрий Свердлов
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Дмитрий Свердлов
Crimea, Yalta, Chekhov theater
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Vorontsov Palace
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Vorontsov Palace
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Гора Кошка
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Дмитрий Свердлов
Crimea, Yalta, theater Chekhov
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