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Тэги: reservoir dam

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Dalian Xishan Reservoir Dam

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Ближайшие панорамы - Dalian


A: Xishanshuiku0ok

Фотограф: yantao, На расстоянии 30 метров отсюда

Dalian Xishan reservoir dam


B: Dalianxishanshuiku01tk

Фотограф: yantao, На расстоянии 150 метров отсюда


C: Dalianxishanshuiku01

Фотограф: yantao, На расстоянии 240 метров отсюда


D: Dalianwestmountainreservoir01

Фотограф: yantao, На расстоянии 640 метров отсюда


E: Western Mountain Reservior Dalian

Фотограф: yantao, На расстоянии 690 метров отсюда

Western Mountain Reservior Dalian 大连西山水库始建于 1927 年 8 月,于 1934 年 3 月竣工,是一座以城市供水为主,兼顾防洪的中型水库。水库位于大连市甘井子...

Western Mountain Reservior Dalian

F: Img Cube Equi

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Img Cube Equi

G: 大连西山水库

Фотограф: yantao, На расстоянии 980 метров отсюда


H: Xishanshuku02

Фотограф: yantao, На расстоянии 1.1 км отсюда


I: Dalian West Reserovoir From Dalian Computer School

Фотограф: yantao, На расстоянии 1.1 км отсюда


Dalian West Reserovoir From Dalian Computer School

J: Dalian Computer School 1 Garden

Фотограф: yantao, На расстоянии 1.1 км отсюда

Dalian Computer School is Dalian Educational School,  51877 Square Meters,it have 15 compter classroo...

Dalian Computer School 1 Garden

Эта панорама была снята в Dalian, Liaoning Province

Описание для места - Liaoning Province

Liaoning (Liaoning Province) has a long history of the Chinese nation and one of the cradles of Chinese civilization, referred to as "Liao", meaning "Liao River
Basin, always peace", the provincial capital of Shenyang City. Liaoning is located in the southern part of Northeast China, is China's northeast economic zone and the Bohai Economic Zone of the important junction, the Northeast is leading off the traffic arteries, but also in Northeast China and Inner Mongolia to the world, the importance of the Eurasia continental bridge connecting Portal and leading-edge areas. The province's land area of 146,900 square kilometers, population 43.15 million (as at the end of 2008), governs two sub-provincial cities (Shenyang, Dalian) and 12 prefecture-level cities.

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