Datong Shan Temple - Dragon Wall

The Tongshan melts the temple: the friendly temple is founds in a Tang Dynasty Kaiyuannianjian Buddhism temple, also Kaiyuan Temple, south popular name temple, located at the Datong town center. Guarantees the great two years (1122) to suffer the war distantly to destroy, the autumn heavy will construct to the emperor series year, the bright legitimate ten years (1445) will add the renovation, will change name to the friendly temple. Now nation key Cultural relic preservation organ. the friendly temple is a group of quite complete distant golden time architectural complex, the imposing manner is grand, rough bold. North the temple sits to the south, first has the entrance, is three temples, latter for Sakyamuni valuable palace. Before the Sakyamuni valuable palace, loses left for the Manjusri Chinese style pavilion the site, right for the Pu virtuous Chinese style pavilion. Entire temple architecture height scattered about, primary and secondary distinct, the bilateral symmetry, is the nation extant distant, in the golden time temple layout most complete one. the Sakyamuni valuable palace constructed for Liaodai, the Jin Dynasty repaired. In the palace center the Buddha world has clay sculpture gilded image Tathagata five, carries the place in the lotus throne, the disciple, the Bodhisattva respectful respect sincerely. The both sides are 24 various days, west, south two walls draw have Buddha to pass on the story picture. Three temples construct in the autumn meet six years (1128), in models statue three, is Shijiamounifu, for the Pu virtuous Bodhisattva, left is the Manjusri Bodhisattva right, was called that “the Chinese strict three sages”, name three temples. Pu virtuous Chinese style pavilion the structure is exquisite, the construction is plain, is the distant golden time pavilion type construction. South the Chinese style pavilion has five Long who the colored glaze burns Bi, the color is gorgeous, splendid.

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Shanxi located at Mt. Taihang west, east of Yellow River. Name of the Shanxi, because of occupies Mt. Taihang west to acquire fame. Was called since old times ?Biaolishanhe?. Spring and Autumn Period time, most districts for Jin all, therefore abbreviation ?Jin?; The Warring States initial period, Han, Zhao, Wei three divide the Jin, because and calls ?the Three-Jin?. The entire province total area 156,000 square kilometers, the total population nearly 34,000,000 people, presently govern Taiyuan, Datong, Shuozhou, Yangquan, Changzhi, Xinzhou, Luliang, Jinzhong, Linfen, Yuncheng, Jincheng and so on 11 locally administered levels, altogether 85 counties, 11 county-level cities, 23 municipal districts. Provincial capital Taiyuan, provincial government in the Taiyuan Municipal government east street. Rich tourism resources in Shanxi Province, historical monuments, scenic spots more. There are more famous Yungang Grottoes, Mount Temple group Jinci, Yingxian Wooden Tower, Yongle Palace,Xuankong Temple , Hukou Waterfall, Temple state solution, such as Hongtong large tree.