Elephants for Sale at The Sonpur Mela

Down near the train tracks and river there where a few more elephants for sale. This place was off the beaten path and a little more peaceful than the main elephant area.

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Tags: elephants; sale; sonpur; mela; animal; fair; india
  • Laskhmi 2 months ago
    Atleast a responsible media like you shouldn't be doing this! Recent rescue of Raju the crying elephant was poached through this Bihar sale please, you should convey the message to people. Convey it in a good form!
  • Laskhmi 2 months ago
    Is this something to be proud of? Shame on you 360cities. Elephants are just another living beings like humans. People have no rights to sell them. It is a shame that a media like you is encouraging them. Please have a hate button instead of your like button. Stop animal abuse. I wish Mr. Narendra Modi should take some immediate action to rescue the animals and sell these poachers instead. Wildlife SOS please do inspect these gatherings too! Grow up 360cities. Freedom is for everyone not just for you to post some random stuffs! -Responsible Indian
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