in the Timis River - Banat - Romania

Taking a short trip to the river, I took the opportunity to get in the water - it was a late summer afternoon - and I took the pictures for the panorama at very small height over the waves.

SNS HDR used added sharpness to the images

Copyright: Valentin Arfire
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 10218x5109
Загружена: 10/09/2011
Обновлено: 07/10/2014


Tags: timis river
  • JOE over 1 year ago
    First of all it is not Romania it is Serbia!!!!!
  • Janko over 1 year ago
    First of all it is not Romania it is Serbia!!!!!
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    Valentin Arfire
    Timis scape in the morning
    Valentin Arfire
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    Valentin Arfire
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    Valentin Arfire
    Valentin Arfire
    Valentin Arfire
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