Mother Breast Heap of Khamar Monastery (Tontoi ovoo)

Mother Breast Heap of Khamar Monastery (Tontoi Ovoo)

There is ovoo called "Tontoi" North of Uvur Bayasgalant Khamar Monastery and it is part of a very special practice and tradition. Only women do milk offerings and make their dedication prayers there. As mentioned above, the social status of women was extremely low in Mongolia at the time of the Fifth Noyon Khutagt since it was commonly believed that women lacked inteligence so that teaching were lost on them and they did not deserve to higher Dharma studies. Even today, there are many mountains and ovoos related to people's religious practice that women are not climb  or approach during ceremonies. Not only were women denied active participation  in religous activities, they also did not have access to educational in that period.

The Fifth Noyon Khutagt Luvsan Danzan Ravjaa rejected this attitude saying "Since all of us were born from a mother, it is dishonest and unjust to scorn women, repressing them and belittling their intellectual capacity, etc." and propagated a new doctrine and practice of respect for women. That is why various activities at Khamar Monastery such as education, training, art and dharma activities encouraged women to participate. Talented and educated women received great support.

According to the childhood memories of Mr.Chimeddorj, who lives in Sainshand city today, the upper seats of chod pujas at Burden bulag (located in present-day Erden sum of East Gobi Province) used to be occupied by women practitioners. This is an unusual phenomennon that is never heard of in the past histories of any other Mongolian monastery.

As soon as the monastery activities were revived, Tontoi ovoo was rebuilt in the shape of two mother's breasts. Later, in 2007, Ven.Togtokh lama, who is a disciple of khamar Monastery, led his disciples and rebuilt it in its original shape whithin one month.

At present, Mother's Breast Ovoo of Khamar Monastery is regarded as a holy site of circumumbulations, prostrations and dedication prayers for women from various places.

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