De Rammelaars, autumn evening in the nature reserve ....

Nature reserve "De Rammelaars" owned by Belgian NGO Natuurpunt, managed by Natuurpunt Ham, www.natuurpuntham.be.

It has forest-wetlands and meadows with some typical wildlife.

Have a walk there and/or visit the website to inform yourself about this fine place.

Copyright: Jan Albrecht
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Tags: nature; reserve; forest; wetlands; protected
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Ongenae Sven
Natuureservaat Rammelaars, Ham - Kwaadmechelen
Ongenae Sven
Town Square Kwaadmechelen, Library and Town-hall
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Gemeentehuis Kwaadmechelen - Ham, Limburg, Belgium
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A View of the Albert canal in Kwaadmechelen, limburg, Belgium
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Sluis Albertkanaal, Kwaadmechelen - Ham
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Albertkanaal Brug Zandstraat, Kwaadmechelen - Ham, Limburg, België
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Old vicarage Backside, Oostham, Limburg, Belgium
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Church Square Oostham, Limburg, Belgium
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Old Vicary Front, Oostham, Limburg, Belgium
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OLV Birth Church Oostham interior, Limburg, Belgium
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Finsepiste en Gemeentelijke Tennisclub, Tessenderlo
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St-Niklaas Church Small Vorst interior, Antwerp, Belgium
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The Ancient Salt Trade Route between Nepal and Tibet
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Maldives Gan
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mountain pass view above "ice"lake
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Beringen Mijn old coalmine site cooling towers and lifts
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Mt Collon from Plan Bertol, Arolla
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Beringen Mijn lift 1 en 2
jan albrecht
De Rammelaars, autumn evening in the nature reserve ....
jan albrecht
Lower Umball Falls "Blick von der Kanzel"
jan albrecht
View at Monte Pelmo
jan albrecht
blossoming cherry tree orchard Grootgelmen01
jan albrecht
Cascade "Kleinbach"
jan albrecht
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