On Red Mountain
Российская Федерация

Krasnaya Gora (Red Mountain) rises on the right bank of Sakmara  river. The name of the mountain is due to the color of its constituent species. Because of red clay and red sandstone mountain really looks red, fully justifying its name. 

In 1998 there were shooting a historical melodrama of a joint Russian-French production "Russian revolt" of the events of the  Pugachev peasant war (1773—1775). The film was based on the works of Alexander Pushkin's "The Captain's Daughter" and "History of the Pugachev rebellion."

The complex has become a real museum under the open sky. On the basis of decorations, Landscape and Ethnographic Museum of the Orenburg Cossacks was  created.

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Tags: museum; outdoors; history; pugachev; russian revolt; decorations; sakmara; red mountain; saraktash; orenburg; cossacks
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Metik Sergey
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