Coffee Processing Machines at Finca Argovia
North America
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Jose Luis Perez
Coffee Processing at Finca Argovia
Jose Luis Perez
Old Coffee Toaster at Finca Argovia
Jose Luis Perez
Old machines for coffee processing
Jose Luis Perez
Finca Argovia old Coffee Toaster
Jose Luis Perez
Dinner by the Jungle at Finca Argovia
Jose Luis Perez
Finca Argovia Oficina Principal
Jose Luis Perez
At Finca Argovia 03
Jose Luis Perez
Building a bridge on the Ceiba
Jose Luis Perez
Harvesting Tropical Flowers
Jose Luis Perez
Sightseeing at Finca Argovia
Jose Luis Perez
Pano Finca Argovia 09 Dsc8344
Jose Luis Perez
Finca La Violeta
Андрей Ильин
St.Basil Cathedral - main church
Ramin Dehdashti
The Azadi Tower at night
Nikos Biliouris
Carnival party at Naousa
Andrew Usatyuk
Cathedral Square
Jordi Munné Ruiz
Canons de Dalt Vila a Eivissa
yunzen liu
Wuhan Qintai Grand Theater
Christopher Blake
Blithewold Bamboo Forest
Thomas Humeau
Hanoi streets
Bjørn K Nilssen
Juvet in Songdalen
Thiago Eriksson / Over Digital
Cachoeira Véu de Noiva - Urubici
Levent ŞEN
Tekeli Mehmet Pasa Mosque
Ramin Dehdashti
Si-o-seh Pol at night
Jose Luis Perez
Guaymas - Empalme Highway
Jose Luis Perez
Borough in Xochimilco 08
Jose Luis Perez
Basalt Prisms 02
Jose Luis Perez
Pano Finca Argovia 16 Dsc8481
Jose Luis Perez De C.
Veracruz Dock
Jose Luis Perez
Pano Yach 48 Dsc4531
Jose Luis Perez
Pano Tlacotalpan 19
Jose Luis Perez
Real del Monte Downtown - By the Fountain
Jose Luis Perez
Pano Guadalajara Centro Teatro Degollado 44
Jose Luis Perez
Pano Yach 13 Dsc3919
Jose Luis Perez
Coatzacoalcos' Olmec Culture Museum
Jose Luis Perez
View from the Cerro Del Cubilete
More About North America

North America includes Mexico, the United States, Canada, and Gotham City.The region temporarily existed as a Protectorate of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Norton I, with its capital being the city of San Francisco. Sadly, this term of benevolent ebullience lasted a brief two decades and ended c. 1880.The United States is now the dominant country of North America. It arose as a nation only 225 years ago after a successful rebellion against the British government under King George III. From a distance, it appears that the eastern coastlines of North and South America fit exactly into the west coast of Africa. In fact, about 250 million years ago these continents really were all connected in one land mass that we have named Pangaea.With such a foundation in tectonic unity, there is no doubt that someday soon the people on every continent of earth will realize their fundamental similarities. Expect massive leaps in creative output in your area!Text by Steve Smith.