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Shangqiu City Shangqiu City Nancheng F

The Shangqiu old city calls Guide the prefectural city, namely bright, clear time Henan Province Shangqiu county. Constructs in Ming Zhengde six years, was had near 500 year histories. Old city by brick city, city lake, enceinte three parts of constitutions. Constructed in bright the Germany six years (in 1511). The city wall, the enceinte, the city lake Trinity, causes in the old city outer annulus the side, becomes one giant ancient money modelling, the construction is very unique. Some Shangqiu takes nation of commodity, commercial , metaphor of the business culture birthplace the China. The city wall perimeter 3.6 kilometers, have East, West, South and North four. In the city the topography is the kyphosis shape. In city building many for central courtyard construction. Because the age is remote, the disasters of war disaster, the old city many times was destroyed once, also reconstructs many times, but scope in north and south ten miles. The city gate is the arch type, until now preserves complete. The east gate says Binyang, the west gate says mound Ze, Nanmen says arches positive, the north gate said that arches chen. Four wrong side of the door original has four enceintes of city gate (i.e. to reconstruct a small town outside city gate, side opens the door, is for the purpose of reinforcing city garrison), the enceinte of city gate also respectively has one to turn head the city gate, the north gate to the west, the east gate and the west gate to the south, Nanmen to the east, therefore, Shangqiu the old city ancient had “four octavos” saying.

Airborne overlooks, in the entire place old city the side outer annulus, formed ancient times's square edged orifice round money, lodged the day round place, the world mutual promotion of the five elements, gathered money meaning. In the brick city the area 1.13 square kilometers, 93 street shape like checkerboard, ancient four gathers the courtyard row after row, in has scenic spot and historic resort and so on Dachengdian, Ming Luntang, strong regret hall. in 1986, the Shangqiu old city is announced by State Council for the nation second batch of historical city, in 1996, Guide government office city wall by state affair courtyard announcement for nation key Cultural relic preservation organ.

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