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the sunset in Perilous peaks of Mount Lu jiangxi

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Situated in the southern part of Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province. It is one of China's famous mountains.The mountain is a well-known scenic area, summer resort and sanitaria. There are imposing and magnificent peaks, unique waterfalls, and historical sites as well as a changing sea of clouds and a warm and comfortable climate. The scenery in Lushan Mountain scenic area is breathtaking. It is full of sheer peaks and precipices, changeable clouds and fogs, silver springs and flying waterfalls.

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A: Shimen Jian Lushan07

Фотограф: yezongzhang, На расстоянии 1.9 км отсюда

Shimen Jian Lushan07

B: Shimen Jian Lushan06

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Shimen Jian Lushan06

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Фотограф: yezongzhang, На расстоянии 2.4 км отсюда

Shimen Jian Lushan01

H: Dr. Aldo Guayasamin

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Описание для места - Jiangxi Province

Jiangxi (Jiangxi Province), referred to as Gan, located in the southeast, the south bank of the Yangtze River. 733 AD Emperor set for River Road, Southwest province name derived, because of the major rivers within the Gan River derived short. Since ancient times, abundant resources, cultural blend, known as the "Imperial Treasures, outstanding"reputation. The total area of 166,900 square kilometers of Jiangxi, population 44,321,600 (end 2009), by the composition of the 11 prefecture-level cities, the provincial capital Nanchang.

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