Лесная поляна.
Российская Федерация
Copyright: Andrey Litvinov
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 8460x4230
Taken: 16/09/2011
Загружена: 20/09/2011
Обновлено: 15/09/2014


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Andrey Litvinov
Река Амчасна.
Василий Кумаев, Андрей Мишин
Мольгино. Заброшенная Церковь Спаса Преображения (2010)
Andrey Litvinov
Andrey Litvinov
Старый дом культуры в Дугино.
Andrey Litvinov
Река Вазуза.
Andrey Litvinov
Памятник Докучаеву близ Ново-Дугино.
Andrey Litvinov
Липецы. Усадьба.
Andrey Litvinov
Памятник в Липецах
Andrey Litvinov
Липецы. Церковь Спаса Преображения.
Andrey Litvinov
Озеро рядом с Новодугино
Andrey Litvinov
Урочище Иваники
Andrey Litvinov
Крест над старым дотом.
David Rowley
New Chums Beach
Martin Hertel
Hamburg Hafencity Speicherstadt by night
waka kimizuka
Climbing 600 Steps in Steel Stairway of TokyoTower
Andre Kurenbach
Ruhrgas 01
omid jafarnezhad
Nasir Al Mulk Mosque Shiraz
Nikos Maretas
Islet of Parga (Islet of Virgin Mary)
Günther Roth
130201 0076 Panorama Out
Martin Hertel
Hammerfest Varden By Night
Heiner Straesser - derPanoramafotograf.com
Shadow Man, Cappadocia, Turkey
Hiroshi Tai
Fourth Kurobe Dam
Kobel Rudolf
Lotus Museum Thanyaburi 1
Andy Elliston
Los Roques de Garcia at night
Andrey Litvinov
Andrey Litvinov
On the bridge at night.
Andrey Litvinov
Церковь Вознесения Господня в Торбеево
Andrey Litvinov
Mangrove Island. El Gouna.
Andrey Litvinov
Старая машина под снегом
Andrey Litvinov
Miramar Boat.
Andrey Litvinov
Въезд в Хмелиту.
Andrey Litvinov
Abu Tig Marina.Beach.
Andrey Litvinov
Река Днепр 40 км от истока.
Andrey Litvinov
Храм Преподобного Сергия Радонежского в с. Алмазово
Andrey Litvinov
Лесные Дали. Главный корпус.
Andrey Litvinov
Bogoroditskoe field
More About Российская Федерация

Just in case you mistakenly heard that it was all ice and snow in Russia, take a peek at the Big Bikini Exposition. This is right on the river Moskva in Moscow!Moscow has been the capital of Russia for almost its entire history. The exception is during the period of the Russian Empire, which lasted from 1721 until the Russian Revolution 1917. For these two centuries the capital was St. Petersburg. The Russian Empire was the second largest contiguous Empire in world memory; only the Mongol Empire had been greater.Check out what's happening north of Mongolia these days, in ChitaAlthough you may not have heard of Sochi, on the Black Sea, they're building up quickly and hope to host the 2014 Olympics.Other periods of Russian history include the Tsardom of Russia, from Ivan IV to Peter the Great, and the Grand Duchy (14th-16th centuries).The earliest period of Russian history was ruled by the Novgorod Republic and Kievan Rus, which was the first Russian state dating back to 800AD in Kiev.Modern Russia remains one of the world's superpowers. They launched the earth's second satellite, called Sputnik 1, and were the first country to put a human being into orbit around earth. (The first one is called the Moon.)After the breakup of the Soviet Union in 1991, Russia became a federal republic of 83 states.Text by Steve Smith.