Zhong Zheng Lake
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Zhong Zheng Lake

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Zhong Zheng Lake is a favorite spot in the Meinong District and is known for its serene natural beauty and easy accessibility for visitors. The surrounding park is 21 hectares in size. The water and the land are well-integrated as visitors are just one fence away from the clear, partially duckweed-covered water. During sunrise and sunset, various species of birds can be spotted flying over the water or perched on the surrounding trees and shrubs. A pagoda sits in the middle of the lake for visitors to take a rest and view the landscape. Strollers and bicycle riders are also welcome to visit. 

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A: Zhong Zheng Lake (Pagoda)

Фотограф: liu-chun-chieh, На расстоянии 100 метров отсюда

Zhong Zheng Lake is one of the favorite spots in the Meinong District and is known for its serene nat...

Zhong Zheng Lake (Pagoda)

B: Guang Jin Sheng Oil-Paper Umbrella

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The traditional oil-paper umbrella is made with wooden frames and hand-colored paper polished with ca...

Guang Jin Sheng Oil-Paper Umbrella

C: Meinong Hakka Cultural Museum

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 Meinong, called “Minong” by the local residents in the old days, maintains a simple, original Hakka ...

Meinong Hakka Cultural Museum

D: East Gate Tower

Фотограф: liu-chun-chieh, На расстоянии 1.3 км отсюда

 Rising up straight in Meinong District, East Gate Tower is believed to be reconstructed from former ...

East Gate Tower

E: Yueguang Mountain Tunnel

Фотограф: liu-chun-chieh, На расстоянии 1.8 км отсюда

Yueguang Mountain, meaning the mountain with moon light in Chinese, is the highest tip among the Mein...

Yueguang Mountain Tunnel

F: Words Respect Pavilion of Minong Village

Фотограф: liu-chun-chieh, На расстоянии 1.9 км отсюда

Words Respect Pavilion of Minong Village, located in Meinong District, is the first of such construct...

Words Respect Pavilion of Minong Village

G: Shrine of Land Deity, Minong Village

Фотограф: liu-chun-chieh, На расстоянии 2.1 км отсюда

 Shrine of Land Deity, Minong Village is believed to be built around 1736, which was designated as a ...

Shrine of Land Deity, Minong Village

H: Guangshan Temple

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Guangshan Temple

I: Yuansianyuan Oil-paper Umbrella Gallery

Фотограф: liu-chun-chieh, На расстоянии 2.8 км отсюда

Located in Meinung district, Kaohsiung City, Meinung Yuanxiang Yuan Oil-Paper Umbrella Culture Museum...

Yuansianyuan Oil-paper Umbrella Gallery

J: Meinong Public Ceramic Relief Mural

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 The Meinong Public Ceramic Relief Mural was founded by Dr. Chu Pang-hsiung. It is located in the foo...

Meinong Public Ceramic Relief Mural

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Asia is the biggest continent on Earth, a darling little gem floating around in space.

Hm, what is Asia? Who's in on it?

China and India are safe bets for Asian nations. Korea, Japan, Thailand, you're fine.

Europe? No. Europe would sort of be on the "Asian continent" if not for those pesky Ural mountains dividing things up in the middle, and then also the whole lineage of kings and wealth and nations and the EU and all that "give me my respect" stuff.
Russia would probably be happiest as its own continent, so for now we'll leave it in "Eurasia" and just hope the natural gas supplies keep flowing.

Pakistan and Afghanistan are dang close to Asia, but politically they show up in "Middle East" news stories an awful lot. Verdict: Eurasia.

I guess we'll actually have to consider everything from Turkey on eastward to be "Eurasian", although the moniker seems overlappitory of the territory.

The Asian economy is now officially raging like a wild furnace of lava that consumes everything in its path. Japan has had the largest individual economy in Asia for decades, but it is forecast that both India and China will outstrip Japan within twenty years.

China is the largest holder of United States debt and is positioned to become the world's next superpower, provided that Godzilla doesn't return and decide to stomp everybody back into the Shang Dynasty.

Text by Steve Smith.

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