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Published almost 2 years ago by Igor Krucko

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A natural desert, one of the smallest in the northern american continent. A few miles from Carcross, YT (once called caribou crossing), a town which o<a href="">...(more)</a>

Garden at Caribou Lake

Published almost 3 years ago by

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This Panorama shows a garden near Caribou Lake captured August 2010.

caribou and musk ox at the large animal research station

Published over 3 years ago by Matt Nolan

We spent part of an afternoon at the Large Animal Research Station at UAF, checking out the musk and caribou.  The kids were more interested in finding the best seat.

Caribou stampede in McCall Valley (28 June 08 21:51)

Published over 5 years ago by Matt Nolan

We noticed a herd of about 100 caribou gathering on the ridge above us, as we were lying in our bug-net tent.  They ca<a href="">...(more)</a>

Caribou for the taking (08 July 08 12:58)

Published over 5 years ago by Matt Nolan

It seems like caribou are always in season in Kaktovik.  An unfortunate herd wandered too close to town the day before, and everyone's freezer suddenly overflowed with meat.