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Verona - Castelvecchio Courtyard

Published 5 months ago by Carsten Arenz

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The Castelvecchio is a castle in Verona build next to the river Adige. The inner courtyard is surrounded by a brick wall and several to<a href="">...(more)</a>

Borgholm Castle by night

Published 5 months ago by Jörgen Tannerstedt

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Picture taken on the plains just outside ruins of Borgholm Castle. 


Published 5 months ago by Mikhail Muryy

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Снежный замок на центральной площади Хабаровска построен в канун нового 2014 года. В замке несколько башен, а внутри, за стенами - снежный трон, на котором фотографируются все желающие.

Cracow - Wawel Castle

Published 5 months ago by maciek mucha

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Burg und Denkmal Kempen

Published 5 months ago by Nick van Flunen

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Denkmal des Freiherrn Felix von Loe und die Kempener Burg