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Rocher Du Lorzier Chartreuse

Published about 2 years ago by Andy Bryant

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The Rocher de Lorzier is an 1838m peak along a ridge on the western side of the Chartreuse range of mountains. The peak is accesse<a href="">...(more)</a>

Charman Som in Chartreuse

Published almost 3 years ago by Jacques Rochet

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Massif of Chartreuse in the French Alps, the Charman Som 1670 m.It's near Grenoble in the south est of France, this hiking is very easy and the panorama is wonderfoul...

Chanterelle slope at 7 Laux

Published over 3 years ago by Vincèn Pujol

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Shot at arrival of Loups skilift toward Chanterelle slope.Great view on Chartreuse, Vercors and Grenoble down.

Under Chamois Chairlift

Published almost 5 years ago by Vincèn Pujol

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Panorama done just under arrival station of Chamois chairlift at 7 Laux ski resort. View at 7 Laux ski resort and Chartreuse other side of valley.