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Published 17 days ago by Guillem Alemany

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Published 17 days ago by Revik Karapetyan

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Santa Maria Cathedral. Palma

Published 17 days ago by Richard Weston. Weston Digital Imaging

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The Roman catholic, Santa Maria Cathedral in Palma, Majorca. Also known as La Seu.

Former abbey church

Published 17 days ago by Dieter Meyer

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High Baroque abbey church of the former congregation of the Premonstratensian Weissenau. Built 1717 to 1724 by Franz Beer II from Vorarlberg (Austria).

Cathedral of Catamarca, Argentina

Published 17 days ago by Gonzalo Martínez

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Spherical image of the Cathedral of Catamarca (Argentina) within the establishment. This building is one of the most beautiful of the<a href="">...(more)</a>

Published 18 days ago by Steffan Correll

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Published 18 days ago by Dmitriy Tolkachev

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View of the arboretum on the river Mirozhka. Seen Mirozhsky Monastery and bridge the 50th anniversary of October through the Velikaya River. The monaste<a href="">...(more)</a>

St Ann Church

Published 20 days ago by Jim Quittmeyer

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Inside St Ann Church in Lenox, Massachusetts.


Published 21 days ago by Dmitriy Tolkachev

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Children's park city of Pskov. In 2013, was renovated, new rides. Paved walkways, installed new lights. In the park there is also the church of St. Vasiliy on the hill and the church of Anastasia Rimlyanka.

Kolegiata W Wislicy

Published 22 days ago by Andrzej Adeko

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Church of the Assumption N. S.

Published 23 days ago by fabio__macahe

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When Portuguese navigators, breaking seas, discovered a new land was part of the religious tradition to give the city and the church shou<a href="">...(more)</a>

San Gaudenzio church, Varallo

Published 23 days ago by Gianluca Garelli

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chiesa di san gaudenzio, varallo

Aerial view over the Dome Cathedral in Old Riga, Latvia

Published 24 days ago by Vil Muhametshin

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The Dome (Doma) Cathedral is one of the main symbols of Riga. It was built in the 13th century as a new residen<a href="">...(more)</a>

Parroquia Virgen de la Peña

Published 24 days ago by Luis Alberto Bravo

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Parroquia Virgen de la Peña, santuaria de muchos fieles que se encuentra al norte de la Provincia de Salta...en el departamento San Martin.

The Cathedral of Orvieto, Italy

Published 24 days ago by Pho Mar

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In front of Cathedral of Orvieto, Italy

Buedingen St. Mary's Church 2014

Published 25 days ago by Ackermann Ralf

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The St. Mary's Church in Buedingen was founded in 1367 to 1370 as a chapel on the former market square within the town walls. T<a href="">...(more)</a>