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Museum of contemporary art, Zagreb, Croatia (MSU)

Published over 1 year ago by zeljko soletic

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4x8mm samyang on d700, handheld with plumbob


Published over 1 year ago by Jan Ometak

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there is nothing to say about this, I have used enviroment I have created in 3ds max and than I put there some of my works, just an experiment :-)

Shirin Art Gallery Apr 2013 Nasim Mirzaee 01

Published over 1 year ago by Majeed Panahee joo

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در دنیای سرعت و صدای امروزشاید کمتر کسی توجهی به زیباییهای اطراف خود داشته باشد.به طبیعتی که زنده است،حس دارد ونفس<a href="">...(more)</a>