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Strada delle 52 gallerie #1, Pasubio

Published almost 2 years ago by Alberto Gianera

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The Strada delle 52 gallerie (or Prima Armata) is one of the most amazing places you can find on Dolomiti.This peculiar road was build during the first world woar for military pourpose.(to be continued)

Pressing The Shutter Button Nantes

Published over 4 years ago by dieter kik

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Nantes (Naunnt ou Nàntt en gallo, Naoned en breton) est une commune française de l'ouest de la France. Chef-lieu du départem<a href="">...(more)</a>

Marronnier Fleurie Ca

Published about 5 years ago by dieter kik

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les marronnier fleurie, l'odet a Quimper avec les passerelles, rive droite les remparts, la cathedrale et rive gauche le conseil generale du finistere