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Ghetto of Samara city, ruins of the hospital

Published over 1 year ago by Max Goustarev

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On the outskirts of Samara is an abandoned building of the former hospital. One of the most mysterious places in Samara ..<a href="">...(more)</a>

Ferrara - Il ghetto

Published over 2 years ago by Giovanni Saini

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Russian ghetto rooftop

Published about 3 years ago by Igr Fatkin

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Not very beautiful morning view from a rooftop in russian ghetto (ryazan city). (Описание для этого языка - English - слишком короткое. Нужно ввести как минимум 150 символов. Вы ввели только 86.)

Venice Ghetto

Published over 3 years ago by Kuzma

Venice - Ghetto.  On this tiny island since the early 12 th century the Jews lived, which the Pope wanted to drive from Venice.  The ghetto was isolated<a href="">...(more)</a>

Victims of the Ghetto Square

Published about 4 years ago by Jonas Nosalis

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Kurchatov street. Enter to "Old city"

Published over 4 years ago by Vladimir Chumachenko

The inscription on the wall: "Beware the old town, do not come in,  will be killed"

Glodok Jakarta Indonesia

Published over 4 years ago by Martin Broomfield

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Immigrant Chinese traders and laborers inhabited parts of Jakarta in the 1600s. The community was situated in ghettos outside the city walls <a href="">...(more)</a>

Taurian National University. Faculty of Physical Education -)))

Published almost 5 years ago by Vladimir Chumachenko

Taurian National University. Faculty of Physical Education -))) . And VAZ -2101, originaly FIAT -124 (1968 YEAR)

Campo di Ghetto Novo, Venice

Published about 5 years ago by Alessandro Ugazio

The venetian Ghetto is the original one. "Gheto" means "foundry": in 15th century several foundries were located in this area before<a href="">...(more)</a>

Simferopol, Efremova street.

Published over 5 years ago by Vladimir Chumachenko

Old city. Simferopol - a city in which a few hours, you can trace the history: the third century BC (Scythian Naples), Middle Ages (Ak-Mosq<a href="">...(more)</a>