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Shah Cheragh

Published almost 3 years ago by Mohammad Reza Domiri Ganji

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Probably the third Important Holy Place in Iran .

SUMIYOSHI-JINJA shrine (rural shrine in Sakura,Chiba,Japan)

Published over 3 years ago by AKINORI NEMOTO

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SUMIYOSHI-JINJA shrine. It exists in Sakura-Shi,Chiba pref,JAPAN. You can see Torii Shinto gate.*Sorry to shave underfoot photo.

Shrine of the fourty- مقام الأربعين بدمشق

Published almost 5 years ago by Ali Barnawi

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Shrine of the fourty, a very small mousque at the top of a mountain, west of Damascus city in Syria. Near by Qassion mountain. There is a rocky shape looks like a human mouth with a tounge inside it.