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Urban Trail

Published almost 2 years ago by

Twilight along the riverwalk in downtown Milwaukee. The pedestrian walkway includes public art displays, water taxi landings, and outdoor cafés.

Twilight Along the Milwaukee Riverwalk

Published almost 3 years ago by

A cold September view of downtown Milwaukee. The Milwaukee Riverwalk features public art displays along its segments, along with outdoor cafes, brewpubs, and water taxi landings.

Inside the Telephone Booth

Published almost 4 years ago by

Inside a classic red British telephone box, found along the Milwaukee Riverwalk in downtown Milwaukee.

The Bronze Fonz

Published over 4 years ago by

A statue dedicated to the Happy Days TV character "Fonzie," found along the Wells Street segment of the Milwaukee Riverwalk. It has become a popular photo opportunity for tourists to pose with the statue.

Milwaukee Riverwalk

Published over 4 years ago by

A dreary winter day along the Milwaukee Riverwalk, in downtown Milwaukee. The Water Street bridge was once the most traveled point in the state. S<a href="">...(more)</a>