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Bandits At Orgosolo

Published over 1 year ago by Hans Zijlstra

Orgosolo is a town in the center of Sardinia that was once known for its banditism and high murder rate and is nowadays famous for its political wall paintings, the so-called murales.

Unused dam

Published about 2 years ago by

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This is an old dam sited in erice

La chapelle St Pierre

Published over 2 years ago by eric belin

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Classée aux monuments historiques cette chapelle du 15ème siècle est remarquable par ses peintures murales .

Milan: Emporio Armani Wall Poster

Published over 2 years ago by Pietro Madaschi

The very large wall-poster of Emporio Armani is since a number of years dominating the small garden not far from the Brera area, very<a href="">...(more)</a>

Eglise Saint-Martin, Nohant-Vic

Published about 3 years ago by Jean-Pierre Wantz

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Peintures murales romanes dans le choeur de l'église Saint-Martin de Vic, XIIe siècle , découvertes en 1849 et classées "monument historique", F-36400 Nohant-Vic, Indre, France

Piedicastello Galleries - Gallerie di Piedicastello

Published about 4 years ago by claudio-agostini

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In the galleries under the Doss Trento, where the road that goes around Trento once passed, there is now a museum de<a href="">...(more)</a>

Skating place in Marghera

Published over 5 years ago by Luca Vascon

This is the place where to skate in the afternoon. Or bike, or tag, or whatever "bad guys" do. :-D