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Robson Square Garden, Vancouver, Canada

Published almost 2 years ago by Sean Wallitsch

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Designed by Arthur Erikson, Robson Square is a civic center and public plaza with an ice skating rink and numerous public grounds. Originally pro<a href="">...(more)</a>

Spider Web, Desert Botanical Gardens, Phoenix

Published almost 3 years ago by Rob van Gils

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This spider web sculpture is part of the Big Bugs exhibit at the Desert Botanical Gardens, Phoenix. The desert Botanical Gardens is one of the most popular attractions in Phoenix for both residents and visitors.

"Requiem for the dead" - Outdoor Sculpture

Published almost 3 years ago by Robert Pipala

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"Requiem for the dead" - Outdoor Sculpture, author: Janina Barcicka.Outdoor Sclpture, formed under the Polish National Sculpture Meeting Miel<a href="">...(more)</a>

Circle of Peace

Published about 5 years ago by Rob van Gils

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The Circle of Peace sculpture is located in the grounds of St Marys Basilica in Phoenix, Arizona. The opening is for people to stand in and grasp the <a href="">...(more)</a>