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Zřícenina hradu Děvičky

Published about 3 years ago by Robert Mročka

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Zřícenina hradu Děvičky(Dívčí hrady) je dominantou Pavlovských vrchů. Z vyhlídky je vidět vodní nádrž Nové Mlýny a obec Pavlov v tomto případě těsně před bouřkou.

La Zarza

Published almost 4 years ago by Lorenzo Valles Vila

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Possibly the name of the town attests to the many thorny branches and shrubs sweet fruits of the Rosaceae family, brambles (Rubus ulmifolius) located<a href="">...(more)</a>

Peacocks at the Riga Zoo, Latvia

Published about 4 years ago by Vil Muhametshin

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Already since the early days of Riga Zoo in 1912 Indian peafowls (Pavo cristatus) have been one of its most colourful attractions. The<a href="">...(more)</a>