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Bamik Zaferanieh Bahram Shokohian Padiav Parth Architectural Group Shahid Falahi St Taheri St Paparazzi Restaurant Laung

Published 4 months ago by Majeed Panahee joo

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PADIAV PARTH Architectural Group ( PPA<a href="">...(more)</a>

Costa Concordia shipwreck: the photographer

Published over 2 years ago by Toni Garbasso

Costa Concordia shipwreck.In the back: famous "paparazzi" Massimo Sestini looks intensively at how I'm doing a spherical panorama...

Trafalgar Square Paparazzi

Published over 4 years ago by Mark Schuster

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A jolly pair of paparazzi at the St George's Day event at Trafalgar Square on the 25th April 2010. I was pleaded to turn the camera on them for a change, they even seemed pleased with the idea! A handheld panorama