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Church. St. Rosalie. Szczecinek - Poland

Published 3 days ago by Bogusław Kwiatkowski

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A simple design with materials produced by nature, produces a unique atmosphere in the temple, inspire prayer and reflection on t<a href="">...(more)</a>

Beach in Gdynia, Poland

Published 10 days ago by Robert Juchnevic

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Here we are on Gdynia beach. There is typical summer day in Gdynia.

Big Lake in the Five Polish Lakes Valley in Polish High Tatra Mountains, Poland

Published 19 days ago by Zbigniew Pilip

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Five Likes Valley (abobe 1800 m high) is one of the most beautiful Valleys in Polish H<a href="">...(more)</a>

View tower in Duszno, Poland

Published about 1 month ago by Damian Parzynski

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Lighthouse, Niechorze

Published about 1 month ago by MoUzEs- Maciej J. Lorek

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