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House of Blackheads, Ratslaukums, Riga

Published over 2 years ago by Igor Dubakov

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Melngalvju nams (The House of Blackheads), the impressive Gothic treasure of Riga, was first mentioned in 1334 as a building owned by the <a href="">...(more)</a>

Seasonal dress of Roland, the Defender of Riga

Published almost 3 years ago by Vil Muhametshin

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Traditional autumn feast - Mikeli - is held every year at the Town Hall Square in Old Riga. Carrots, pumpkins and zucchini are proclaimed the kings during this colourful harvest celebration.

Latvia - Ventspils - Ratslaukums (Town Hall Square)

Published over 3 years ago by Igor Dubakov

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The city’s Rātslaukums and its historical building, including such architectural masterpieces as Melngalvju and Rātes Ho<a href="">...(more)</a>