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Utah Goblin Valley Chamber of the Basilisk

Published over 1 year ago by Will Raynolds

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Anchor to sandstone horn and descend through narrow opening, rappelling ninety feet to the floor of the chamber. Exit on foot through concealed cave entrance on the far side of Goblin Valley State Park.

Anhumas Abyss

Published over 1 year ago by Marcio Cabral

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 Anhumas Abyss is a cave 23km from the city of Bonito Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil. Access is by a gap that exists in the Rock through vertical Rappelling<a href="">...(more)</a>

97-Foot Rappel in Pine Creek Canyon

Published over 2 years ago by Jeremy

This is the last rappel in Pine Creek Canyon. Pine Creek Canyon is a technical slot canyon in Zion National Park. It is rated 3B II using the Canyon Rating System.

Top of Keyhole Falls, Subway

Published over 3 years ago by Jon Jasper

Jon Jasper hand-lining down a 15-ft waterfall rappel in Subway Canyon hike in Zion National Park.  Opposite end shows Jon and Janel Jasper.  For more photos, check out

Boundary Creek

Published over 3 years ago by Jon Jasper

Tim Barnhart watches as Chad Utterback rappels down the waterfall and through arch in Boundary Canyon in Zion National Park in southern Utah.For more photos, check out

Spry Canyon

Published over 3 years ago by Jon Jasper

Matt on the 200-ft entrance rappel to Spry Canyon in Zion National Park.

Moaning Caverns

Published almost 5 years ago by Hanns Ullrich

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Inside Moaning Caverns in Vallecitos, California near Murphys and Angel's Camp.  Some take the spiral staircase down, others can rappel down.

Black Hole Drop

Published about 5 years ago by Benedict Kim

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Here's the bottom of Black Hole Drop from near where you land from the rappel. It's about a 300' rappel and very enjoyable. The hike to the sinkhole is roughly 45 minutes over a few hills. Bring bug spray.