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Kuks - Hospital Orchard

Published over 1 year ago by Tomas Kysela

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View of the orchard by baroque hospital Kuks in eastern Bohemia. It's late autumn frosty morning and the sun is shining in the clear blue sky. The trees are already leafless, some red apples are still present though.

Inside a Red Apple Tree

Published almost 2 years ago by Paul Emck

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View from inside a rich red apple tree. This was an exceptionally warm October day with temperatures beyond the 25°C / 77°F. A week later, a record cold front brought 5 cm / 2 inches of snow.

On top of the Red Apple

Published almost 3 years ago by - Roelof de Vries

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This panorama is shot on top of the Red Apple in Rotterdam at 9pm and shows the view over the city during nighttime. The Red Apple is one of the highest buildings in the Rotterdam Skyline.