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Water reservoir Nová Bystrica

Published 12 days ago by Jaroslav Majer

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Water reservoir Nová Bystrica for drinking water supply in the district Kysuca the Slovak

Reservoir Moserboden

Published 20 days ago by Markus Ortner

Located at 2.000m above Kaprun, the resvoir Moserboden is one of the 10 biggest reservoirs in Austria, and the biggest one containing a gravity dam.

Goulburn Weir

Published 3 months ago by Kevin Epps

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The construction of a weir on the Goulburn River began in 1887, and was completed in 1891.The Goulburn Weir was the first major diversion struc<a href="">...(more)</a>

Lake Cirata @ Jatiluhur Dam

Published 8 months ago by alex iwanto

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Hok Tau Reservoir Main Dam 鶴藪水塘主壩

Published 9 months ago by njohn

鶴藪水塘位於香港新界北區,粉嶺平原東端,屬八仙嶺郊野公園範圍之內,因鄰近鶴藪圍一帶而得名。水塘建於1968年,屬船灣淡水湖工程計劃的一部分,負責將八仙嶺西北部的水源收集,經地下水管供應至船灣淡水湖,同時鶴藪水塘亦是灌溉水塘,用作灌溉附近農田。Hok Tau Reservoir <a href="">...(more)</a>

Shing Mun Reservoir Pineapple Dam 城門水塘波蘿壩小巴站

Published 9 months ago by njohn

Shing Mun Reservoir (Chinese: 城門水塘; pinyin: Chengmen Shuitang) is a reservoir in Hong Kong. It is located in Shing Mun, the area bet<a href="">...(more)</a>

Manchanabele Reservoir

Published 10 months ago by Arvind Krishnan

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A few farms along the banks of the Manchenbele Reservoir in Karnataka, India

Hover Dam Visitor Center Observation Deck

Published 12 months ago by Allan Der

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Hover Dam Visitor Center. View from observation deck.

San Salvador Dam

Published 12 months ago by Jesús Ferrer

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Dam of San Salvador projected maximum flood level in the Normal (NMN = 298.00 m), an area of ​​over 1,000 hectares, belonging to the Municipals Terms  Albalate, Belver de Cinca and Binaced (where most of the reservoir).

Shing Mun Reservoir - Main Dam 城門水塘主壩

Published 12 months ago by njohn

城門水塘位於新界城門郊野公園內的城門水塘的興建計劃始於1923年,至1939年第三條連接港島的海底輸水管建成為止,歷時16載,是香港首個把存水由九龍區輸往港島區使用的水塘。城門水塘是擇山谷深處為塘,在山谷出口處建築巨型水壩截流,並引各細流入河谷。水塘第一期工程完成時,塘面寬<a href="">...(more)</a>

Krasnaya Krucha Dimitrovskoye Reservoir

Published about 1 year ago by Metik Sergey

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Krasnaya Krucha (red steep) on Dimitrovskoye reservoir. In 1986 near Dimitrovskoye village on Chyornaya River a dam was<a href="">...(more)</a>