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Windmills under upcoming thunderstorm ELI

Published about 1 month ago by G.W.G M.

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This image was taken on June,9 2014 from an acre of potatoes and shows two windmills under upcoming harmful thunders<a href="">...(more)</a>

Between two thunderstorms....

Published 12 months ago by carsten juul holm

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I had a pause in the panorama-making, because in the summer vacation the are much too many people around, they distract me too much -<a href="">...(more)</a>

Gibson Grant Pier

Published about 1 year ago by Shawn T Moore

Chesapeake Bay Thunderstorm from our pier at night.  Thunderstorms are most common on the bay in the summer months.        

Clarks Nebraska football field storm

Published over 1 year ago by Ken Venzke

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Clarks, Nebraska football field as storm approaches.Temperature dropped 30 degrees soon after this pano was taken from 64F to 37F then blizzard conditions overnight.

Published over 2 years ago by Thomas Fankhänel

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A Desert Thunderstorm, Arizona-Sonora Desert North of Phoenix, Arizona

Published almost 3 years ago by James L. Tanner

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Just north of Phoenix at the intersection of the Bumblebee Highway and Interstate 17, this pictur<a href="">...(more)</a>

Thunderstorm in may

Published about 3 years ago by dmitry-o-belov

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Published about 5 years ago by Jürgen Schrader

Upcoming thunderstorm on a hot summer afternoon at Kl?ntalersee, County Glarus, Switzerland. There are two campgrounds and a gigantic overlook ovr the valley from a restaurant right above the lake.